The Secret Santa

Working three different jobs (because college is so non-time consuming) has its ups and downs. As December swiftly arrived, I realized that I would be participating in several Secret Santa shenanigans. And the hippie store being the hardest to pull off, see I was given the cutest punk-iest, edgiest girl on the planet. She makes tattoos I wouldn’t dream of getting look absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, I think the only thing we have in common is a mutual love of pomegranates. So this makes SS difficult, very difficult indeed.

Here is her hint note that I drew:

I. Name: Kaity
II. Favourite Color: Yellow & Green
III.Favourite Movie: Anything Scary! (Exclamation mark was not added by myself)
IV. Favourite TV Show: See Above!
V. Favourite Animal: Kitties! (insert sketch of a cat face)
VI. Favourite Type of Food: Fresh Fruit or Sushi
VII. Hobbies: Reading, Writing, and Art
Anything Else You Want Your Secret Santa to Know: I (heart) pomegranates

Well, it doesn’t seem so scary but whenever I think of Kaity this is what I see…


Adorable but not exactly someone I feel confident in buying a Christmas gift.

Right now it’s really a toss up between this…cat gauges and espresso mugs with tattoos on them….or maybe just a small boat filled with pomegranates? Sigh. I’m so bad at this. Kaity is such a doll though, I’m sure she won’t hate me if she secretly finds my gift super lame.

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