Tea Pots, Theology, & True Love

Well, second semester has begun & I’m just organizing my planner for week 2.

From working at the London Tea Room, I was able to buy a Globe teapot on my last official day as barista (I will continue to work special high end events as a serve in February) & a new addiction has formed. Today alone I have had eight cups of black spiced chai not to mention a spiced chai tea latte… I am a tea-addict & unashamed. Tea Pot Pic

I am studying some lovely theology in this term, and to be honest, despite the difficulties I find in retaining and keeping it all straight, I love it. Hopefully the tests learn to love me back. My writing class may prove difficult, hopefully the professor & I aren’t…combative. Bibles

And finally, a thought on true love.

“The giving of love is an education in itself.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


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