Why Hello Friday

Do something different today. Have an in-depth conversation with a stranger about their past. Invent a drink & write down the recipe. Sing opera, while driving with your windows down and your hair streaming in the wind. Go somewhere by yourself and write a short poem about what you encounter. We are never promised tomorrow here on this Earth. Say ‘I love you’ to the family member who you can’t stand & it better be darn sincere. Run like a child, hands in the air, eyes wide, and take flight. Paint a picture. Clean your bedroom & open all the windows in the process. Teach yourself to bake a raspberry pie & set up a photo shoot for it. Tell someone about Jesus and what He did for them. Get a tattoo of your mother’s favourite flower on your ankle. Smell ever flower you see today. Write a song about your beau & leave it on his voicemail with no explanation. Every little moment that ticks by holds great promise. We have all heard the phrase, ‘carpe diem’, but another translation is ‘to pluck the day (as though it was ripe)”, my challenge for the world today is to do just this. The world is ripe for the picking. Be ware of the thorns, but not afraid, better things lie beneath them.

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