Today, I am flying home to dear Saint Louis & I’m a little sad. It’s been a rocking trip, full of the unexpected, the confusing, character-stretching, among many other adventures that come with unplanned travel. But I fully recommend it, it’s like marriage in a way, bringing out the best & the worst, placing your personality on display, for you must be entirely yourself (you’re hardly around one single person long enough to steal their ways), but I am stealing the ways of the places I traipse through. Broiled peanuts from South Carolina. A new bumper sticker (New River Gorge!) from West Virginia. Spicy grits from North Carolina. And something from Virginia, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what. And over all, a smidgen of an accent. But I haven’t been home in a ghastly long time & last night I realized that. I love home, more so the people. Missouri is hardly a cult classic when it comes to states, but it is the home of family & therefore, a good chunk of my heart. It’s been real, but peace out Carolinas. Image

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