Life hasn’t been very hospitable lately. At the same exact time, I’ve never felt more like a young soul than now. I’m sort-of homeless in an exclusively American teenager sort of way & quite untied from all sorts of responsibilities. It’s fabulous though I couldn’t keep it up forever. I don’t understand the stamina of the lazy young adult but it’s rather exhilarating to be so…undetermined.

I have bumper stickers on the back of my car and hangy thingys on the rear-view mirror. I never carry a purse and I enjoy being tan (though it’s fading quickly). I have this little leather braided anklet on my ankle, which never comes off. Band aids & bug bites. I ran out of proper feminine makeup two months ago & heaven knows what I will resort to when I have to style the foxy lion’s mane which is my hair.

Well, I must start putting forth effort into my future & sign up for some college classes. Though in the last twenty four hours I’ve watched Dear John (a regular Sparks novel complete with Channing Tatum crying) and made it to page 129 (in the last hour) of The Fault of our Stars. My emotions are basically done for in the best way.

I think my life is beautiful. And I haven’t even started in on the love department. That is for another day.


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