I’m Grumpy

Oh Etsy. You can be a bit of a tussle at times. So my mother has been telling me to put my designs on Etsy as digistamps (digital stamps) because that’s what productive, creative, artsy souls do. Only I royally suck at it. After almost two hours of ups and downs in trying to scan a high quality version and transfer it to a uploadable format, I am ready to lay down and never get up. Once I finally listed my stamp, I realized the version had diminished and all my hard work was for naught, it was sketchy. Sigh. Well, it is late and tomorrow is another day, so I shall try to do it then. For now, my Etsy shop is the ghetto.

Oh, and someday I shall fill it with fun, but for now it’s pretty sad. Here’s the link.

The Captivating Misfit’s Shopppe

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