The Problems of Life

It is pretty safe to say that this year hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. I promise I had a plan and I was ruthlessly checking off item after item. But life took a detour and I wonder what will happen because of it. Have you ever sat down and looked back over your existence and realized how much connected and made perfect sense, only after the fact? At the time it was chaos and you wanted to buy the first one way ticket outta town and never look back. On Sunday, I listened to my pastor talk about how you’ll go from no options (and wishing you had some) to too many and oodles of confusion as to what you should do. Well, I think my head is filled with helium and cotton candy-flavored fog. I see very little excitement, but I realized so much of that is actually resting in my hands. I can complain about my lack of options, but I make my own options. I am an opportunity factory, but right now I’ve allowed my disappointments to cause a bit of a equipment malfunction, so now I have but one little line working in my factory. Starting today, I want to open up my factory and begin to fill my life with life again. I’ve tried to be the introverted casual observer but my personality is not so, which will eventually lead to my going clinically insane. I am an extroverted life of the party, I ain’t no calm collected woman. The big question is, what is the remedy to a sluggish opportunity factory? I’d have to say the little things. Like talking to a stranger. Being bold and brazen in class. Making a trip on my break to buy baked potato Pringles and Cuties. Smelling new books and bike tires. The little things. So hopefully soon, despite the loss of a formulated plan, and the addition of momentary disappointment and rearranging of one’s personal plan, my happy inner opportunity factory will be steaming full speed production. Sigh, I hope my professor doesn’t notice my Pringle breath, it’s rather prolific.

Make your own opportunities. 

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