Abenteuer is the German word for ‘adventure’.

Whether you are surfing, backpacking Europe, or simply escaping on your break at work; this can apply to you. If you had a resume of your life’s sum experiences what would you want people to know about you? What have you spent your time, your efforts doing? Do you have any abenteuers on it? I darn well hope so.

This year I have many gaps between my classes & I decided to do my homework at home like the name suggests & have adventures in-between adventures. I may often roam Saint Louis solo, but that doesn’t mean I have to keep these epochs to myself.

Fridays. Oh sweet Fridays. My short days at school, they include a bio class followed by a three hour break followed by a sexual psychology class. Side note on the psych course: its basically the most expensive birth control a college student can take. After my first class ended, I stepped outside and found my way to the caf, where I wrote the earlier blog. The wifi had the zip of a dead man & the company was less than happening, so I did the only rational thing. I hightailed the heck out of there & went to explore.

I may start sharing my special finds on this here scribblins’, so I decided I needed a special name for them; something unique to me & my point of view.


The German word for ‘surprise’. The first Überraschung I found on this glorious Autumn day was a new store called Altar’d State. Oh My Giddy Aunt. The window display caught my eye immediately.

Altar'd State

The dressing rooms, the music, the displays, even the product, all adorable & filled with gentle effort. I fell in love with how mission-oriented the entire store was. Not only do they donate to local charities, they sell items that give money to organizations against homelessness, human trafficking, and even underprivileged children. It’s like my mom’s scrapbooks turned into a store that runs on the fuel of bettering humanity. People. It’s so beautiful. They’re privately owned out of Knoxville, Tennessee & only about forty stores grace the U.S. with their presence.

I was late to class, which I didn’t mind since we were discussing the controversy of defending pedophiles based on their inability to control themselves. I was hoping to keep my mind out of the gutter today, but education sometimes takes it down. I left class as quickly as possible & found myself in Kaldi’s Coffee. Earlier I wrote about the African legend surrounding the beginnings of coffee, so I thought it only perfect to get some. Only, I’m a deviant & ordered Mayan hot chocolate.

It’s a lovely gentle spot to stop & study. Big enough so that I don’t feel like the soul behind me has to watch me google “thing that does thing that helps with that thing.” I try to keep the stupid on the DL and it can be legitimately difficult in today’s day & age. Take Starbucks, everyone is stashed in like sardines, forced to watch the man in front of them watch kitten videos on Youtube. He deserves privacy. Kaldi’s is great. Plus, the drinks are fabulous. Coffee is done right. Hot chocolate? They basically are melting a chocolate angel in the back. Happy sighs. I ordered in a poor British accent & the barista is totally in love with me now.  (I’m disproportionately delusional)  Below is a link to their blog, you can even find videos & how-to instructionals on how to make coffee.


Anyways, I need to go do homework, which is an adventure all in itself. It’s raining, which is lovely. With love, me.

Go have a


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