Anatomy Of A Pumpkin

Love it!



The traditional squash of Ugg owners everywhere, pumpkin (flavor) is so ubiquitous this time of year it has every right to lay claim to Liz Lemon’s ode to fame. While the seasons flavors are gearing up to turn towards coma inducing amounts of mint and butter, this king of gourds will finish strong here on Q&E. In the coming weeks, our last gift to the seasons legion of fan girls will be three savory pumpkin recipes. But not too much more, because while vital for basic body functions, all of that beta-carotene will eventually turn your skin orange. Though, perhaps that is its main appeal to the starbucks clutching sorori-tan masses. One must keep their summer glow.

For now, we give to you:

The Anatomy Of A Pumpkin


Cucurbita pepo, the most commonly recognized of the domesticated pumpkins has been a human dietary staple (in its current form) for…

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