Breathing and Other Necessary Things

It is the human condition to struggle because we lack perfection. I feel like I’m the poster child for the aforementioned statement. But alas, by the mercy of the Lord, I am moved in & am now navigating the uncertain and fearfully choppy waters of the first week riptides. But since I am an artsy-fartsy soul, I’ll be sure to keep all you wonderful souls updated on my decor.

It is pretty safe to say that I am incredibly overwhelmed and concerned. But I will manage somehow. Just a little information, I am rooming with a wonderful young lady (her name is Linh) from Vietnam. She speaks very little English, but whatever she may lack in advanced vocabulary she makes up for in kindness. She’s seriously the kindest girl I’ve met. Which is really good, because it helps me feel less obtrusive & utterly lost.

Anyway, off to do important collegiate activities like eating and sleeping.

Lots of love.

D1 D2 - Copy D3 D4

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